Through Site-Specific Spectacle, Aerial Artist Jo Kreiter Is Exposing the Human Toll of the Prison System Favorite 



Oct 15 2020

"There is a tragic timeliness to Flyaway Productions' Meet Us Quickly With Your Mercy. As the nation grapples with systemic racism and police brutality, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, choreographer Jo Kreiter's new aerial work seeks to amplify the call for ending the mass incarceration that disproportionately affects people of color. Meet Us is the second installation in The Decarceration Trilogy: Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex One Dance at a Time, which uses public art to expose the human toll of incarceration—both the societal effects of normalizing it, and the emotional devastation felt by incarcerated individuals and their families.

To create Meet Us, which will be performed on the facades of co-presenter CounterPulse and the Dahlia Hotel in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, Kreiter collaborated with Rahsaan Thomas, an accomplished writer and co-host of Radiotopia's Pulitzer Prize–finalist podcast Ear Hustle who is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison for second-degree murder. Their shared humanity, and by extension the humanity shared by all people on both sides of prison walls, is at the heart of Meet Us."

By Claudia Bauer

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