NYC Mock Posters Detail Police Terror Drills, Nuclear Threats 1 Favorite 



May 12 2013


New York NY

In an effort to prepare against chemical, biological and radiological attacks in the New York subway, the New York Police Department has announced plans to release harmless gases into the city’s streets and subway stations to better understand the pathways of airborne contaminants. Officials will use more than 200 sensors, set up throughout all five boroughs, to track these benign gases as they disperse. They’ll then use that data to build a computerized model that can help predict how airborne contaminants might behave, depending on locational and weather conditions.

In response, a number of mock posters have been popping up in New York City subways which effectively bring awareness to very real events like the recent odorless gas ‘terror drill’ by the NYPD as well as existing nuclear threats to the city.

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