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Nov 4 1998



Shu Yong is an artist who has been passionate about environmental protection in recent years. "The Earth Is Bleeding" was created in 1998. The creation was carried out in a studio of more than ten square meters. The walls were covered with news photos and reports related to last year’s flood and disaster relief, as well as slogans of environmental protection such as "Caring for the environment, everyone is responsible", "We have only one earth, we need beautiful”. Particularly eye-catching are the three naked girls used as "creative materials". Two of them have globes on their heads to cover their faces, and the other named "Xiaoshi" does not have a globe. Under the watchful eyes of more than 20 journalists and environmentalists, the sad "Requiem" was played. Shu Yong, with long hair and shawl, naked to the upper body, was entangled by the long slogan "Protecting the environment, everyone is responsible" on a black background, and he began to create. He first used a brush to paint green paint on the clean woman's body, and then Shu Yong poured a pot of red paint mixed with animal blood from the models' heads. According to their preconceived ideas, they either raise their arms to cry for help, or fall on the ground, twisting and struggling, and Xiaoshi makes a painful expression... The entire creative process took more than two hours.

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From artistic perspective, this performance is highly evaluated and is the milestone of Chinese contemporary art. However, because of these three naked female models, this performance was accused of being "pornographic" which may seized people's eyes. As a result, public may not focus on the theme but the shocking artistic style.