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Sep 21 2017



On Sept 21, 2017, the professional committee of dementia and related diseases of China geriatric health association, together with many caring enterprises, jointly launched a public welfare activity entitled "no longer forget", hoping to call on the public to pay attention to Alzheimer's disease and promote early screening.

The campaign revolves around a unique library of typefaces with missing strokes known as "Alzheimer's fonts". This huge Chinese font library is produced and developed with the assistance of Beijing Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanyi Font Library) according to GB2312-80 standard, and is open to all the general public and enterprises for free download. By combining thick and bold characters with the traditional Song style, the broken style is formed by simplifying, deleting, and deforming font strokes while controlling literal recognition and structural focus. It covers not only common Chinese characters but also numbers, punctuation and Latin, etc. There are nearly 7,000 characters in total, which are not easy to read but can be recognized. The unique design of missing strokes intuitively reflects the cognitive decline and memory loss of Alzheimer's disease patients; At the same time, the design of the missing sense of font is also to catch the attention of the public at the first time and pay more attention to Alzheimer's disease.

"Every person, from childhood to adulthood, is inseparable from words in every aspect of life," said the project manager of Miley Bowen (Shanghai) advertising agency, which created and implemented the font library. We use words to write our feelings, to record our past; It is between people and people, between enterprises and the public, information-bearing, transmission of the basic elements! In Alzheimer's disease, there is a gradual loss of cognitive ability and memory, which can lead to forgetting words and losing the ability to understand words, which is why we created the Alzheimer's Font Library. Compared to simply applying fonts to poster design, the malleability of the font library opens the possibility of people creating their own content. When people see the missing font, they are more likely to empathize with the plight of people with Alzheimer's disease, and more likely to engage and support social organizations that offer constructive help."

In order to let more people pay attention to this disease, but also in order to make more people can participate in the public welfare activities, a minimalist H5 "no longer forget" was born.

H5 is mainly divided into two parts. Begin with a short Loading, write the five characters "永forever, 爱love, 家home, 梦dream and 我me" in the font library, and then enter the directory page. The directory page is composed of five buttons: screening, download, details, outpatient, and write down your life handwriting. After clicking, you will enter the corresponding page. The main goal of the first four sections is to popularize knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and provide more early intervention help. Writing down your life character leads to an interactive page where you can simply type in a word and generate your own poster in Alzheimer's typeface.

The whole interactive creativity is amazing, and the efforts the designers put in make people cry. The core symptoms of the disease are condensed into a brief and powerful spreading theme -- no more forgetting. The disappearance of stroke by stroke symbolizes that the sick old man loses memory bit by bit until he forgets everything important in his life. This vivid interpretation makes the audience feel the fear and helplessness of the patient at once. If one day, the memory will be gone, what would you most not want to forget? This from the soul of the torture may be more worth pondering. Was not just a simple interactive diffusion, the H5 is let a person feel so serious, because each directory page button behind the intention, screening wish I really help you there may be a hidden danger of the old man, details by telling you the cause and effect of the disease and treatment to reduce your discomfort, which hospital outpatient tell you can provide the relevant treatment to help you do the best choice for sick loved ones. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family who are well, you can also choose to download the fonts for free and do your part to spread the word. H5 will go offline after a while, but this font will live on your computer forever, spreading further and further through your use.

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