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Apr 15 2022



Work ideology centers around sustainable work. Through fifteen interviews, workers and prospective workers were interviewed about their experiences with work and the job search. Those interviews are analyzed and compiled on work ideology. However, work ideology goes further than showcasing the interview results, it allows for anonymous responses to be entered as well, expanding the research’s accessibility to every worker. This anonymous space allows for people to share their views without threat of retaliation or judgment, which hopefully facilitates open and thoughtful reflection.

The website has three sections: work, advice, and resources. Work is about fulfillment, purpose, and societal beliefs. It explores what workers want out of work, whether that be purpose, structure, or compensation. This section also asks questions of workers as a collective, in regards to the beliefs we hold as a society about work and productivity. Advice gathers wisdom and insights from many different workers related to work and the job search. Questions in this section range from identifying and addressing problems with the workplace, to advice on finding or changing jobs. Resources holds lists of relevant resources I think workers and job seekers would find helpful. From legal resources that aim to help workers better understand their rights, to mental health resources, I hope to expand the resources workers have access to in order to develop a healthy relationship with work.

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Work ideology hopes to bring three things to visitors. The first is a different way to look at work. Workers can examine and consider responses that they might not have thought of before, while also offering their own opinion and experiences. These experiences might bring awareness to, or even challenge, mainstream ideologies about work, productivity, and value. The second thing is to facilitate a safe and anonymous space in order to facilitate productive and comfortable discourse. All responses are anonymous, and there is no option to respond to other’s posts. This isn’t to shut down discussion, but to allow for healthy dialogue without the threat of retaliation or argument, allowing people to give casual, unrestricted, and honest advice. And lastly, this website offers connections and resources to different people and different resources that might not have been available in a face to face setting.


This project continues to expand, so hopefully it ends up accomplishing it's goals. However, accessibility and usability are central to the website, so I hope as more people look at it, it continues to be useful and helpful.