Pimp My Carroça Favorite 


Jun 10 2012

With the intention of recognizing the work of the Latin American carreteros (garbage pickers) that collect recyclable materials in wheel carts, and increase environmental consciousness, artist Mundano created “Pimp My Carroça"

The brazilian graffiti artist started pimping carrocas years ago transforming them into mobile works of art that carried messages all around the city. The text in his artwork includes phrases that dignify this work and the humans behind it. They also included reminders of the fact that recycling is essential for the environmental crisis our world is living.

When Mundano decided to amplify this socially engaged project into something at a bigger scale he invited other artists and volunteers to a big event in which they would collaboratively pimp many carrocas. In Sao Paulo more than 50 artists and volunteers pimped hundreds of carts and provided them with security signals, mirrors, hunks, plus an artistic piece. Meanwhile, the owners ( the garbage collectors) and their families enjoyed some sort of "spa treatment" day in which they could get massaged, haircuts, therapy, food, as well as medial check-ups. At the end of the day artists and carroceros picked up the work and rallied together in protest. They asked for this work to be recognized and dignified by all citizens and for public powers to create and support healthy recycling cooperatives.

Mundano has now taken this project to other cities in Latin America. Pimp mi carroza took place in Bogotá, Colombia, last november and it was a great success.

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