Women turned Protective Wall into a memorial Favorite 



Mar 8 2021


Mexico City

Ahead of Monday’s planned protest, police set up a barricade around the presidential palace, which a spokesperson described as a “peace wall” to prevent vandalism, the Guardian reported. But protesters said the barrier was symbolic of the president’s refusal to take on the issue, noting that he frequently makes a show of traveling in drug cartel-controlled parts of Mexico but felt unsafe ahead of their protest.
Women instead plastered the barriers with slogans and the names of murdered women. They also left flowers, memorial objects, and painted the pink crosses, an iconic memorial object from the Dead women of Juarez back in 1993.
Over the National Palace, the words "Mexico Feminicida" were projected.

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The intervention was really successful in redirecting the public's attention to the victims and the issue for which women march every year. Across media, the transformation of the wall into a memorial was reported, commented, shared, and circulated. The memorial became an icon of this year's protest almost instantaneously. And the current government was left on a position of shame.