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Mar 5 2014


Beijing China

According to the World Health Organization, China is home to two-thirds of the world's women who wear IUD devices. This is a form of contraception that was developed after World War II, and in essence, comes from discrimination against women. In 2014, artist Zhou Wenjing made a work of IEDs, which was recently exhibited in Beijing. It has sparked a heated discussion on Weibo, with many people sharing their own or their elders' stories of using the IUD devices.

She used the early IUD material: copper. According to the ratio of 1:1, more than 300 pieces of jewelry are made and placed on the cloth of blue velvet to make an installation work. All the shapes are historically real, and at first glance beautiful, with a certain irony.

During World War II, the IUD was used to force women across Europe and the United States to prevent pregnancy for the purpose of "optimizing the human genome". To make it more difficult to remove the IUD, it was designed in a strange shape. Sheung Wan women were deemed "unworthy to have children", and some were deemed mentally ill.

Currently, two-thirds of the women wearing IUDs in the world are in China. To this day, a large number of young Chinese women still use IUDs as a means of contraception. What shocked her most was that when Zhou asked them about the operation mechanism and precautions of the IUDs, many of them had no idea.

The upper ring can cause a lot of gynecological diseases. Many women have bleeding, waist acid, abdominal drop and other adverse reactions after the ring, serious people will also uterine perforation, infection lesions.

In the early days, she tried to order the birth date of the IUD in her works, but the effect was not good. So she eventually chose an order that was visually optimal, putting more appropriate shapes together.

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