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May 15 2016



In 2016, Zhou Zhenfeng, who was a student at a college in Hebei at the time, discovered that there were a lot of waste tires in the streets and alleys. Zhou Zhenfeng learned that tires are made of infusible or refractory polymer elastic materials. It takes hundreds of years for these materials to decompose in the soil to the extent that they do not affect the growth of plants. Therefore, how to dispose of waste tires has always been an environmentally recognized problem in the world. "I thought at the time that the human living environment is deteriorating and the pollution problem is becoming more and more prominent. Under this circumstance, is it possible to use waste tires and turn them into treasures?"
Zhou Zhenfeng discovered that, compared with soil and stones, rubber is softer and has a certain degree of flexibility. So Zhou Zhenfeng came up with an idea: use waste tires as art objects and make tire sculptures.
Zhou Zhenfeng went to learn tire sculpture specially, and then began to recycle tires in villages and waste recycling stations around the school, and started tire sculpture production. The tire sculptures made by Zhou Zhenfeng will be sold on second-hand websites. He said that his works are very popular on the website, and some people will specifically ask him to customize them.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

The project is for a universal topic: waste and environment. Call people to pay attention to waste and the environmental problem and diminishing waste is the main goal, and it is a chronic problem.


The project is artistic and really get attention and support from public. It is not a straightforward way to appeal people to take action but more like to make the invisible visible, which is towards an ideological change. It is hard to say how it is effective but I can see it does affect some people.