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Feb 1 2018


New York

Instagram and Zines have become a tool for activists worldwide, and Vienna Rye (@vrye) has amassed over 126,000 followers by promoting education, mutual aid, and advocacy. They are a self-taught visual artist and revolutionary community organizer, which translates into their artwork. Vienna visualized a better world to build it. To do this, they use her art to confront settler colonialism, racism, and patriarchy. In 2014 they began to use visual art to respond to the racist state-violence that surrounded them. They were a co-organizer of Millions March NYC, organized against DAPL at Standing Rock, created art, and helped organize The Campaign to Shutdown Rikers and #AbolitionSquare. Additionally, their graphics have been used by New York City, Ferguson, and national Black Lives Matter groups, just to name a few.

Most of the Instagram posts are part of their bi-monthly zine. They cover a range of topics including, but not limited to, racism, colonialism, immigration, environmental warfare, Communism, and LGBTQ+ rights. Using cropped photos, quotes from activists (and some of their own words), with background designed by them, they educate followers about social injustices worldwide. Vienna's zines and Instagram includes art, political education, and interviews of people doing grassroots work on and off the frontlines.

They tackle the anti-communist propaganda spread to Americans starting from primary school and extending to modern movies and television series, challenging individuals to examine their biases and encourage education. Additionally, the account and zine address the evils of liberalism and so-called progressive politicians support the imperialist empire that is America over the people. Their art encourages people to continue their education outside of social media, to learn and understand the violent interlocking systems of oppression. Vienna’s goal is to focus on what will advance the material, moral, and physical struggle for liberation.

You can purchase a print of her posts and her zine, which she has made available regardless of financial situation.

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With over 126,000 followers they are reaching a large number of people, even if some never see her work on Instagram those who do get a glimpse of education or inspiration to dismantle the systems of oppression.