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Nov 10 2012


Laguna Beach CA

Music energizes us, lifts us up when we're down, reaches deep within us to release emotions, creates cultural understanding, and makes us more open and receptive to new ideas. Studies show that when people are listening and dancing together, they are more likely to feel a sense of togetherness, be inspired, show empathy, and be more giving.

Give a Beat serves as a catalyst to transform the positive energy of global dance music culture into meaningful interactions that build community and generate social good. We provide dance and world music producers and lovers with a unique channel for activism and philanthropy by empowering them to make purposeful decisions. By creating a dynamic presence online, and hosting live events, we raise awareness of pressing issues and injustices and allow our supporters to make a difference through small, but deeply impactful, socially conscious acts.

Give a Beat believes in the strength of collaboration. We partner with organizations that use music as a tool in helping vulnerable populations in the U.S such as veterans, parolees, the incarcerated, foster children, at-risk youth, homeless, and victims of domestic abuse.

Give a Beat will harness the positive power of dance music to make a tangible impact in the lives of others by creating innovative opportunities for economically isolated individuals and under-served communities.

We believe every person deserves compassion, love, and forgiveness - a second chance, and with just a little help; people can turn their lives around and set out on a course toward a brighter future, benefiting the entire global family!
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