Unhappily Ever Favorite 



Dec 6 2018


LA, NYC, etc

Jeff is an animation storyboard artist from Los Angeles, previously working as an animation artist on several famous Disney movies. He uses his talent to produce work highlighting environmental and social issues worldwide with Disney characters, called Unhappily Ever After. His work includes images of Elsa from Frozen on melting ice caps and Alice from Alice & Wonderland taking drugs down a dark alley. His thought-provoking work that plays on mainstream pop culture means a whole new audience is captured.

“I had earlier conceived an idea of putting Disney princesses into more photographic rough urban environments, something that is completely opposite of their fairy tale world…In part, the work became even more powerful and engaging and I was able to quickly realize that many other Disney characters could be used to shed light on messages that are important.” – Interview with Jeff Hong: Artist Behind Unhappily Ever After Project, Made In Shoreditch

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