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Feb 5 2010



Anti-Fur advocates have been protesting through demonstrations for decades, throwing red paint on women wearing fur coats, passing out leaflets and sporting the slogan “Fur Is Dead” on t-shirts and stickers and spray-painting it on buildings in cities throughout the globe.

A new spot, created by Lowe Bull in South Africa for the International Anti-Fur Coalition takes the anti-fur campaign to the next level. The video, which features a woman searching in a fur bag for her cell phone and pulling out a heart and innards serves as a gory reality check for viewers. Fur clothing and accessories were once living creatures. The clip closes with, “If only everyone could see the real cost of fur.” Viewers are left to determine for themselves whether the cost of a life is worth the glamour of wearing fur.

YouTube Video Description:

The idea is to give the viewer a reality check by showing that this glamorous fur handbag was once an animal. We convey this message by giving the bag real intestines as if it were a live animal being ripped open. The fact that the woman is completely nonchalant about the animal innards is a device to show that people don't see the torture committed by the fur trade when purchasing fur.

Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford.
Art Director: Romano Cardinal, Cameron Watson.
Copywriter: Simon Lotze, Caitlin Cloete

Production House: 7 Films.
Director: Anna Lize Mostert.
Producer: Chantel Kriel.
DOP: Lourens Van Rensburg.

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