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Jan 22 2023


New York City

February 24, 2023 will mark one year since the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine began. Russia is attempting to take over Ukrainian territory and destroy its rich, vibrant culture. Ukrainians are fighting for their country and right to exist as free, independent people. For months, Ukrainians have endured relentless bombardment, destruction, and hardship.

Civilian casualties have reached the thousands. Millions find themselves displaced, seeking temporary shelter in neighboring nations such as Poland or in unoccupied parts of Ukraine. Despite this, Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom with everything they have.

The Unify Ukraine Campaign seeks to share stories of refugees, survivors and heroes fighting to save lives, and shed light on the Ukrainian identity, culture and way of life that is worth fighting for. The goal: to build connection and community across nations.

January 22 was Ukraine’s Day of Unity, and the world joined voices in support of freedom. Though the Day of Unity has passed, we can all still share messages of hope on social media

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While it was nice to see this demonstration, it seems like many Americans stand with Ukraine — Especially in New York City. Because Ukraine has been a warring state for so long, it has fallen into the periphery of the news, and it is important for it to shift to the forefront, for it is pertinent to global politics.