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Jun 1 1999



This action was suggested in the workshop assembly by a neighbor of Arrayán street itself. At the end of this street giving the market there was a wall in a state of collapse that
concerned the neighborhood. On several occasions, either neighbors or from the same Peña Bética in front of them, they had
given by the City Council, but without results. And every day having to go all the way through that gorge with two
small meters wide that connects a wide area of ​​the neighborhood with the fair market. We turn a situation rocambolesca in an experiment starring the town hall The implementation involved cordoning off the area collapse and the location of two helmet dispensaries duly signposted and attended by operators accredited * s. At the passing of each passerby, the operator will explained the state of the wall and that he was attending a landslide control by the Municipal Area of Landslide and Disaster Investigation, which required that put on the proper helmet and deliver it to the dispensary on the other side of the cordoned off area. The matter had a very official glow, unless you approached the helmet to the eyes and see the SI&DO, or do the same with the poster and you will read "Dept. of Urban Speculation. Town Hall, S.A. / Plan Hurgan ", etc., so that more than one there was than to put a funny face on it and even nudge it to probably see the joke of the invention. Of course, when, well later
or from the start, people were aware, the era of complicity total. When the press came to our call and there was to pack for the photo, people from the bar of the corner of the store ... and l
in joy from one dispensary to another. The next day the news appeared in various media with as good a reception as the other actions of the workshop, although it had more immediate effects, for the wall was restored in a few days.
The effect of this outcome must be highly valued against the feeling of defenselessness of the neighborhood by the helplessness that is usually lived in these neighborhoods, but without having to fall into a finalist approach. That is to say, beyond achieving success in the explicit objectives of these or other social mobilizations in the neighborhood struggle, It should be noted that the action itself generates a attitude of confidence and predisposition to change that we call empowerment (or the Spanish term "empoderamiento") that is essential in the daily negotiation with the
living conditions imposed by the neoliberal model.
Collective awareness of a phenomenon such as urban speculation in the historic centers and the possibility of drawing the imaginary of resistance, open pathways of social change in the most immediate fields of our life No matter how much this local social change is humble, memory accumulation works like this book necessarily for the fight for change to acquire the range of the global.

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It did get the wall fixed.

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