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Aug 1 2019


All over the world, NYC

The Strangers Project is a celebration of the stories we’re surrounded with every day—both from the strangers we share our space with every day, and our own stories we carry. It’s about a connection with ourselves, with people around us, and with something greater than ourselves.

I create spaces where people can discover stories, and if they choose, share their own. None of the stories in the project are submitted online or through the mail—each is from a passerby I met that took a moment to share with me. The stories come from all ages, all walks of life.

I share stories from the collection daily and continue to collect new stories across the country

Quick Facts
Every story is collected in person—Stories are not mailed in or submitted online
50,000+ Stories collected so far
The Strangers Project is based in NYC, but I also take the Strangers Project to as many cities as I can
Stories are shared from all ages and all walks of life

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I have passed this experiment different times and it always sticks with me. I think that fact that it has gone viral and moved to different cities shows how people are really connecting with this I am not sure how it would activate people to take action though