Silver Action Favorite 



May 13 2013


Tate modern museum

"Suzanne Lacy is an internationally known artist whose work includes installations, video, and large-scale performances on social themes and urban issues. One of her best-known works to date is The Crystal Quilt (Minneapolis, 1987) a performance with 430 older women, broadcast live on Public Television." (

"Silver Action" (2013) brought together a room full of women, to tell their stories, document them, and incite new ones within smaller workshops designed by a group of participating activists. This action was a kind of echo of The Crystal Quilt, located at the Tate Modern in London, (who had recently aquired The Chrystal Quilt.)

"Silver Action explores current themes in social and political discourse and the role of personal commitment in influencing the public agenda through the activist histories of British women, many of whom are now in, or entering, old age and facing new challenges. It champions the inclusion and social relevance of older women and offers new ways of looking at the ageing experience and the role of women in social transformation." (

*What does it mean that this work was located within a museum institution; and with Suzanne as a celebrated artist - patronized by the museum? Can we still make actions that question socio-political issues within an established institution or mainstream venue?

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