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Feb 14 2021


Parkland, florida

Mimicking the look of iconic "Greetings From" postcards, Manuel and Patricia Oliver, parents of Joaquin Oliver who died in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, created "Shamecards" featuring 52 cities from around the United States. Rather than highlighting the beautiful tourist spots of these locales, the "Shamecards" for locales such as Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Charleston feature scenes of "horrific and provocative imagery inspired by the now-infamous stories of mass shootings". On the back of the cards is text that "also parodies the alluring copy traditionally found on such postcards. 'Southern Florida is known for sand, surf, and the deadliest school shooting in United States history,' reads Parkland’s shamecard." The couple partnered with advertising agency MullenLowe as well as 30 artists from 25 countries in order to design the cards.

"The Shamecards project was developed to raise awareness of gun violence and call people to action on gun reform. People can digitally send the postcards to congressional representatives in any state. Already, about 600 cards have been sent, even before the official launch day—Valentine’s Day, which marks the three-year anniversary of Parkland. A twelve-by-eight-foot mural of the Parkland Shamecard will be on display in that community. Selected cities will also have pop-up Shamecard stalls, where passers-by can pick up hard copies and flood congressional inboxes."

The Olivers have also started a nonprofit, Change the Ref, with the goal of spurring action on gun reform through art activism.

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This project has the potential to continue the conversation on gun reform and keep both the public and elected officials aware of the issue and the desire for change. While this specific project has not created a large amount of attention, the notoriety of the Parkland shooting and the activism of those affected has already gathered a following.