Russian ballerina dances on frozen waters to save Batareinaya Bay Favorite 



Mar 14 2021



"A Russian ballerina from the renowned Mariinsky Theatre performed on the frozen waters of the Gulf of Finland in protest against a construction project that is likely to threaten the area’s natural habitat.

Dancer Ilmira Bagautdinova traded some of the world’s most prestigious stages to perform on the frozen waters of Batareinaya Bay, after reports of plans to build a grain silo at the site emerged.

Braving the freezing temperatures, Bagautdinova, wearing a white tutu and pointe shoes, performed scenes from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

“A unique natural and historical place where swans nest in spring, families with children rest in summer, hundreds of fishermen go out on the ice in winter, and the forest has trails for quad bikes and skiers. Nature in harmony with people. All of this is at risk of extinction,” Bagautdinova wrote while sharing the video on Facebook.

“It was my cry from the heart to save an amazing place that has a special meaning for me,” the 29-year-old told news agency Reuters.

“It would be great if after I danced here, the construction would stop and we could save this amazing natural place,” Bagautdinova said. “But I don’t think it’s that easy,” she added.

According to the news agency, Bagautdinova began an online petition, addressed to President Vladimir Putin, calling to stall the construction. The petition has so far garnered over 7,000 signatures."

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