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Feb 17 2021


Phoenix AZ

In a collaboration with fellow artist @vyalone on Instagram, Lucinda Hinojos or La Morena as the artist is known recently completed this mural in Phoenix which showcases the Native American culture of the people indigenous to the area. La Morena said in a post about the project on Facebook, "This mural is about reclaiming space, reclaiming our roots, our identity and finding our truth. Our lands continue to be taken, our culture continues to be assimilated. Colonization continues to affect many of our people. It divides us to this day. Before political governments we were balanced,and equal. Our people are strong, wise, spiritual, powerful and beautiful. We are people of the land...our connection to mother earth and our creator is so strong. The white man/colonizers can never take this away from us. Remember that. This mural is an example of reclaiming space and reclaiming our identity.
In this mural I also painted my friend @dianeovalle who has inspired me..Yaqui/Xicana she has been a warrior for the past 10 years. She emerged from the horrific SB1070 outbreak in 2010 and has been an active organizer till this day, she is a mother, a divine spirit and one powerful Chingona! She represents our Mother Earth and our feminme energy..let us all see ourselves in this mural. Use it to carry this same power, the same energy. Call upon your Call upon your ancestors, call upon our creator, call upon our angels ask them to step in. This will be the way out of this spiritual warfare. I am very proud of my RAZA and my Indigenous Folks...We are still here and we are not just something else! "

Lucinda Hinojos, “La Morena” is a nationally recognized muralist and painter. Before Lucinda became La Morena, she was a teen mom of three, working two jobs while dealing with depression and domestic violence. She says she was disconnected from everything around her until she found a purpose. To tell the stories of those who have no voice with her murals.

“The work that I do is adjusted to specific issues that need immediate awareness like immigration, DACA, missing and murdered indigenous women, police brutality.”

She works with the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales in an effort to create a more humanitarian migration system, promote solidarity between the US and Mexico, and respect the rights and dignity of migrants.

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How does this project help?

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This project's goal is to promote the rights and culture of the Indigenous people of the southwestern region of the United States and Mexico. It is an effort to reclaim space for that marginalized community and to continue creating art that supports them. This piece seeks to empower the women of those communities through art and to give them the strength to continue fighting to be heard.


The size and scale of this project, as well as La Morena's other murals around Phoenix, improve the visibility and profile of Indigenous artists, reaffirming the fact that they are still here and they do more than take up space. While the project does not necessarily promote a specific political goal, it amplifies La Morena's other work in the field of promoting the rights of Indigenous peoples and migrants.