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May 19 2013



Project 929: Mapping the Solar
Augmented Bike Ride as Performative Intervention
May 19th through 29th, 2013<>


Project 929: Mapping the Solar, is a 460 mile bicycle ride to drag pieces of chalk to physically and symbolically draw a line around an area that would be large enough to create the worlds largest solar farm - one that could provide enough energy for the entire United States.

The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that a 100 by 100 mile square solar farm in the American Southwest would be “more than enough to meet the country’s entire energy demand.”

Beginning May 19th, 2013, media artist and activist Joseph DeLappe (<>) will be creating a new work of DIY durational performance which involves riding a specially equipped “long-tail” touring bicycle 400+ miles dragging pieces of white chalk. The intent is to surround the perimeter of the Federal lands that include the Nevada Test Site, “Area 51”, Yucca Mountain and Nellis Air Force Range all located just north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The performance will utilize mixed-reality (Blue Mars Lite), GPS technology and, where feasible, live streaming video for real-time documentation. He will as well, literally, draw a 400+ mile long line around the geographical area in question using an armature trailing his bike, holding custom made pieces of 15" chalk. “Project 929” references the 928 nuclear tests that took place at the Nevada Test Site from 1951 to 1992.

Conceptually, Project 929: Mapping the Solar is an ideational and political exercise towards symbolically representing the possible, physically re-imagining geographical space for energy sustainability. To map this desire – become a moving point, line of battle, contour of an idea, an edge, line of communication, measure or guide – is a driving principle.

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