OWS Subway Storytelling 1 Favorite 



Nov 17 2011


Bronx NY, Manhattan, 4/5 Train

In the Fall of 2011, after the Occupy Movement was in full swing, and meetings, actions and info sharing had expanded beyond Zuccotti Park, meaningful messaging and outreach tactics were were activated on a near daily basis.

Subway Storytelling had groups of Occupiers, affinity groups and community members meet each other at specific train stops in the outer boroughs. The purpose was to use the People's Mic to share stories of inequality to the passengers getting on an off at stops along their route into downtown NYC.

All the groups were on trains that would bring them down to Foley Square for a massive rally. While they storytellers included efforts to get passengers to join them down at the rally, the primary goal was to articulate in an audibly clear way, some relatable narrative around the issues Occupy Wall Street was concerned with.

While it is difficult to get NY straphangers to pay attention, the tactic was effectively penetrating. Some bystanders even started participating in the Mic Check.

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