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Jul 1 2014


Berlin, Germany

Néle Azevedo (born 1950) is a Brazilian sculptor, visual artist and independent researcher. She is best known for her "Melting Men" installations.

In this artwork, Azevedo put 5000 ice sculptures in Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square in the UK and waited for them to melt and disappear in the 73 degree temperature. With this artwork, Azevedo wants to reflect the impacts of North Pole and Earth brought by the global warming. The artwork has a great visual power. Watching at the little ice men melting into waters and disappeared, it shows a sense of helpless of human facing to the nature change. It also an alert for people to care about global warming and protect the environment and nature.

In many people's opinion, sculptures should be eternal. But for Azevedo, her sculptures are just live in that moment.

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