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Dec 1 2001



Founded 19 years ago, the Beijing Queer Film Festival (aka Love Queer Cinema Week) is one of the grassroots film festivals in China focusing on independent queer film screenings and cultural exchange activities. We aim to expand public discussions on sexuality / gender identity / gender expression, we aim to give a platform to sexual and other minorities in China and the World, and we celebrate diversity. Under a difficult domestic social and political environment, we remain alive year after year thanks to the help, solidarity and support from many civil society groups and individuals.
Internationally, the Beijing Queer Film Festival has steadily been building up its reputation and continuously works on developing networks. During recent years, it created ties with queer film festivals in countries from all over the world, including Brazil, Belgium, Italy and Denmark. Since 2009, the Beijing Queer Film Festival sends a representative to the Teddy Awards Section of the Panorama Program at the Berlin Film Festival for formal reporting, and as such it is included in the international network of queer film festivals.
In 2020, Love Queer Cinema Week will be held in Chengdu. It is divided into five film theme units and three theme forums. It will be held from December 2nd to December 9th. More than 20 short films of Chinese and foreign queer films with different styles and high quality will be broadcast continuously.

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Though it is an independent festival, it gained international support and influence. In China, every year there are so many people buy the film tickets to join in the cinema week that the tickets are sold out quickly. I believe the festival is gradually winning public attention.