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Dec 23 2012


Santiago Chile

This is one of the noblest urban interventions I've seen lately. Two girls who go to a subway station in Santiago, Chile with lots of colorful balloons with helium. In the balloons write messages like "touch me", "hold me", "adopt me", "love me" or "feed me". Each of the balloons are carefully tied around the necks of different stray dogs, who thanks to the floating globes become visible for a day and get all the pampering by people moving around the metro station. This cute canine intervention is called "I'm Here". You can see the video here http://vimeo.com/54345851 (Please do, it is extremely cute! http://vimeo.com/54345851)

Felipe Caro Carrasco and Violeta Caro are creators of this intervention and video that was recorded a couple of years ago. Their project has received national and international acclaim, because the simplicity of the Metro station and the helium balloons, manage to deliver a much needed message for people to look beyond and understand that all stray dogs suffering abound in every corner of Chile.

And you? Do you need a stray dog to come up with a balloon that says "I'm Here" for you to see?

- https://www.veoverde.com/2012/12/video-globos-hacen-visibles-a-perros-ca... (in Spanish)
- http://vimeo.com/54345851

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