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Apr 24 2013


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Have you ever wanted to see current or potential innovations for poverty or the environment without having to do a lot of researching or reading? Have you ever thought of an idea and wanted to tell the world about it and get feedback? was founded for these purposes - to enable people to easily see, share, and suggest ideas in different categories. It can be thought of like a “Wikipedia of ideas" for improvement and social change. It features both abridged ideas that have been curated from the world (, think tanks, articles, research papers, etc.) and suggested from our community to make it easy to learn about, spread, and suggest ideas.

By collecting ideas in one place and explaining them in an abridged way, How it could be different is able to:

• make it easy to learn about and spread ideas to improve issues, programs, products, and policy
• cause inspiration in thinking about how the world could be different
• determine which ideas and innovations people most support
• provide a forum for suggesting and discussing ideas
• form groups and provide opportunities to potentially bring ideas to life

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Please contact us about any suggestions, if there are any ideas/organizations you would like to be featured on the site, if there is anyway we could collaborate with you or your organization, or if you would like to join our team. Thanks and we hope this site can become a resource for you and a place that spreads good ideas.

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