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Jun 22 1993



In the series The History of Korean Women, Cho's suggests that the cost of that gain cannot be paid for by a cultural amnesia masking the pain and suffering of previous generations. Here the semantic emphasis is on the official - the status of women and their contribution to the survival and growth of Korea. Their efforts have gone uncelebrated due to their relegated status within a five hundred year old social system. Cho proposes, in the manner of new historicism, that the events associated with the past, and indeed with the future of Korea, are inextricably bound with the fates of these women and that official and social recognition of their important contributions must occur.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

Cho Duck Hyun is a historical artist. The artwork is to allow the public to learn the history of Korean women and know these women's status and their appearances, which is to make this group more visible and lets public to think about women's contribution.


The artwork can inspire people to rethink about Korean women's historical status through historical lens. His big contribution on making Korean women visible not only in contemporary time but also through the history, so that viewers would think about how these women are treated under the old social system.