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Apr 21 2020



Greta Thunberg has launched a campaign video of a housing burning to the ground as she calls for more action on climate change.

The shocking clip shows a family waking up, having breakfast and talking as their home is engulfed by flames and clouds of smoke.

The video was released by the Swedish climate activist's Fridays for Future, which has partnered with LA-based creative agency FF.

Global emissions have nose-dived in recent weeks as economies are placed on ice and cities moved into lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

The footage begins with an alarm going off at 6 am inside a burning house at an unidentified location.

A mother gets up and wakes up her son and daughter while stepping over flames. The family then sit down to have breakfast together and make packed lunches as flames leap up the walls.

The parents then stand outside to wave their children off, before turning and heading back into a blazing house.

The video ends with the caption: 'Our house is on fire. React.'

It was launched on World Earth Day, with the stated aim of reminding people that, despite the lockdown, climate change remains a critical problem.

Across the world pollution levels have dropped significantly, from clear blue skies in New Delhi, India, to clearer water in the Venice canals in Italy, however climate activists say this is not enough.

The campaign has been inspired by Thunberg's statement to the World Economic Forum last year. 'I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.'

Spokesman at Fridays For Future US, Joe Hobbs, said in a statement: 'We believe it's time people realise that climate change isn't going to happen, but that it's already happening.

'We hope that by watching this video people will realise they need to take action now, instead of putting it off until later.

On Friday Fridays For Future will use the video to launch a 24 hour climate change themed livestream, featuring various countries from around the world

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Greta Thunberg has become an icon in the climate justice movement so her being the one to deliver such a visceral message definitely accomplishes garnering attention and awareness. During this time of COVID-19, it's difficult to see direct policy action but it contributes to the overall narrative of its importance.