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Jun 22 2013

Once a year people all over the Earth go to places that they love and where they live that have been damaged, and they bring attention, curiosity, a sense of adventure, and beauty there.

In the process we give back to the places that have given so much to us.

In our culture there is little support for dealing with the illness and death of people we love. There has been no way to cope in a meaningful way with the places that are so much a part of our lives.

The Global Earth Exchange answers that need by reuniting people and the places they love. We go to the places that have been damaged by pollution, mining, clear-cutting, development and other human and natural events. We share stories of what the place means to us, get to know it as it is now, and make a simple act of beauty there—usually the RadJoy bird created out of found materials.

It’s easy to sign up on our website with our interactive Earth Exchange Network. Your event will be listed among all the other Global Earth Exchanges worldwide and will be featured on our world map.

Your event can be large or small, planned weeks in advance or completely spontaneous! One of the mottos of Radical Joy for Hard Times, in fact is: “It's an Earth Exchange even if it's just you and a friend... or just you and the Earth.”

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