Fall in Love With Nature Favorite 



Apr 28 2018

We set up a gazebo and table in a public park. The gazebo had two notice boards in the shape of trees where reflections were encouraged. We had a sign with the name of the action "Fall in Love With Nature" painted upon it. On the table were resource lists for the public to take away with links to books and websites on the topic of forest bathing and connecting with nature. We also had gender balanced inspirational quotes related to nature, posters instructing people how to forest bathe, reading material on biophilia and biophobia, and forest bathing. Additionally there were sensory activities for children and prizes for them to take away - badges, seed bombs and nature fairy wands. There were also paper and crayons for bark rubbings. see also had a basket for simple sensory experiences for people to use and take away as they wished.

We interacted as appropriate with adults and children who approached the stand, and also approached adults around the park offering them a sensory experience from the above mentioned basket. For example "find the colour purple in nature", "Name three scents that are in the air".

Our action was motivated by desire to connect people with a specific natural space. The intention of this connection was to facilitate participant's ability to connect with other natural spaces in the future.

It was a very heart centered activity with the aim being to encourage self care and stewardship of the natural environment by connecting with nature. It was heart centered as it engaged the senses, prompted self reflection and nurtured a positive sense of wellbeing and playful exploration.

It engaged the head by providing resources with additional information for people to peruse or take away. Additional there was reading material provided on the stand.

The hands were very much utilized in this exercise as well from the bark rubbings, to the written reflections, to the tactile experience of the seed bombs, badges and wands.

All global citizenship begins with self care and protecting the environment begins with connection to place. Therefore this activity succeeded in both connecting people to themselves and to the environment on a deeper level.

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