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Sep 1 2016



Deportation Class is a satirical project by European anti-deportation activists protesting European airlines who agreed to cooperate with deportation agendas. Together, these airlines are referred to as the Deportation Alliance. The activists designed a faux luxury offering on behalf of each airline, showcasing the attractive perks of flying "deportation class."

The real airlines in question "are committed to enforcing the inhumane asylum policies of the European states by flying refuges back to the places where they fled from - and where they often face death, torture or imprisonment. By combining the extensive range of destinations of its member-airlines, the Deportation-Alliance is able to offer the governments of the European countries a unrivaled service, flying refugees back to even the most remote, war-torn regions on the globe. Most of the refugees, who are transported against their own will, try to resist their deportations. Law enforcement services of have developed methods to overrun this resistance, using motorcycle helmets, sedatives, handcuffs and often plain force against those who are forced to fly deportation class. Although this has lead to several fatalities over the last years, the member airlines of the Deportation-Alliance continue to tolerate the use of force on their planes. They could stop this practice today if the wanted to.

The website keeps a running log of atrocities and deaths that occur on deportation flights as a result of violent law enforcement.

The aim of the web site and of the protests that are going on in different European Countries is to stop deportations and to inform the public about the role airlines play in making them possible. Airlines will not stop their lucrative involvement in deportations on their own. It will take serious threats to their carefully constructed corporate identities that often evolve around the notion of freedom to make them stop deporting refugees. This campaign, initiated by 'no one is illegal' is dedicated to force airlines to stop transporting refugees against their will: No more deportations!

To reach our goal we will appear wherever these airlines do business: at airports, airline HQs, in travel-agencies and at tourism fairs. We will ask employees to stop collaborating on deportations and we will inform passengers of their possibilities to protest and to act against deportations.
It is not only the boards of the airline-companies and the national governments that can stop deportations: pilots, cabin- and ground personnel, travel agents and law-enforcement officers can refuse to be used as implementation-tools of inhumane national deportation policies and save the lives of many refugees. Flight-captains are not only responsible for the safety on board, but also for the personal safety of all their passengers."

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