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Feb 9 2014


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"The mandate for great and difficult achievement is manifest in the message coming from the science of sustainability and climate change. Yet information alone will not take us where we need to go; science needs the arts to compel a response. It is the synergy of these two great human enterprises that creates both intellectual and emotional clarity.

The Crossroads performance combines compelling information and imagery to force a theme, then unleashes powerful music in an effort to inspire deep and personal contemplation of this theme — that is, the choices we are making and the scale of their consequences. Crossroads seeks to take an audience from intellectual understanding, to visceral experience, to personal resolve." -

"The vehicle for their fight was a gathering, in person and by Skype, of principals in “The Crossroads Project,” a performance piece that draws on music, painting, photography and scientific research in an attempt to entertain, enlighten and, ultimately, encourage people to live sustainably." - New York Times

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