Camp Frack Favorite 



Jun 13 2011



Camp Frack was a protest festival in Lancashire, UK, an area near industrial energy plants that produce shale gas. Around 150 activists from both Frack Off and Campaign against Climate Control (CCC) set up the festival, featuring food, music and conversation on environmentalism. The project was a success as it got media attention on the process of fracking, which is the term used to describe the process of pumping vast quantities of water underground and fracturing rocks with chemicals to release shale gas. Shale gas is said to release more greenhouse emissions than coal. While the media drew attention to the cause, legislative bodies reacted and now are set to pass a law making it illegal to document any processes or daily functions of the chemical companies. A protestor standing on land will be charged with a felony. I think Camp Frack was an effective tool to gather attention to the group, yet where the campaign weakens is its mobilizing. A festival will draw attention, but does not engage the public to the group's cause, even though most people would be concerned with the facts.

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