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Dec 1 2008


Frankfurt Germany

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Botanoadopt is a project at the interface of corporate citizenship, science and Art, which shift perspectives by new and humorous contexts.
Botanoadopt is a participatory project, which provides the adoption of plants and give plants their rights back with medially based actions.
Because plants are still regarded as goods, as food or as raw material suppliers. However, not as a living being. In times of biodiversity loss, the common practice to treat plants as an article of decoration needs and throw it away after using is unethic.
The Internet presence shortly after the publication in January 2009 is visited worldwide and is published in 34 languages. This site announce plants with an individual biography and personality for adoption.
In this way, people from different contexts are brought into contact with each other -
regardless of age, education, occupation, ethnic origin or religion. Because botanoadopt provides, that the delivery and collection of the plant itself is organized by the adopting person of a plant and the former parent of the plant.
The aim of the project is - simply described - using artistic activities and intervention in everyday life to question and redefine the
In addition to the Internet platform botanoadopt launche temporarily based actions in different locations. The unveiling of the world's first “Pflanzenklappe” - a babyhatch for plants in Schöppingen brought within one week to about 99,000 entries in the search engine google.perception of nature, as well as to initiate a self-continuing communicative process among the participants and their environment.

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The Internetplatform for plant-adoption present a checklist of plants for adoption and a adoption contract ( Plants searches are also posted on the functional side. Moreover, the virtual platform offers a wide range of knowledge with articles and links about plants, and a page with external media articles. Currently the scope of botanoadopt is limited on the German-speaking countries.
The adoption contract stipulates a photo of the adopted plant to send to botanoadopt - minimum two times per year. On the Internet platform, the development process already adopted plants is pursued by photos. The first photos of adopted plants in their new homes are already on the site.
Thus, the platform reflects a growing community resistance to a new form of moral and social network in real and virtual space, a nascent sustained awareness.

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