Bicycles as a vehicle for protest in Guatemala Favorite 



Feb 13 2021


Guatemala City

Non-profit organizations and a multitude of Guatemalan girls protested together demanding justice and security from the government. Guatemala's insecurity and cases of girls' disappearances have increased over the years. The protest started outside the Government Ministery (Ministerio de Gobernación) early in the morning, where protestors gathered riding their bikes. Then they started their route towards the Plaza de la Constitución, considered to be an iconic site where the most important official ceremonies take place.
The girls wore headbands with slogans written in purple: " Quiero salir a jugar" I wanna go play outside / "Solo queremos vivir en paz" We only want to leave in peace / and "Exigimos una vida digna" We demand dignity. They also decorated their bikes with posters, teddy bears, and toys.
The protest was an immediate reaction to the last known case of 8-year-old Sharon Jasmine Figeroa Arriaza, whose body was found on February 8th, 2021, a day after she disappeared while riding her bike around the neighborhood where she lived.

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including children as the main actors in a protest is pretty powerful. It brought national and international media attention, strengthening the gender activist network across Latin America. Different feminist organizations across the Latin American atmosphere are sharing this story, pictures and videos from the protest, further pressuring the Guatemalan government to give answers.