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May 5 2021

On the 5th of May 2021, the subway's 12-line partially collapsed, killing 24 people and injuring more than 70. Onboard, were children, young women and men, and the elderly. The accident also killed a man and injured a woman who was driving a car, upon which the train fell.
The poorly conditions of the subway structure had been repeatedly reported by neighbors living nearby. No institutional response was given.
after the accident was reported, the public started demanding the government to persecute the office-holders responsible for its construction, who are now, in bigger positions of power. No response was given by the authorities.
A group of people took the pink subway station in Mexico City in response, allowing people to pass without paying their fares.
"Your life is not worth 5 pesos"
"It was the state"
"It was not an accident, it is called negligence"
and "Come in without paying" was painted on the walls.

Unfortunately, the event was not widely reported and the pictures were taken down from social media.

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I think the purpose of this intervention was to agitate the government and encourage people's civil disobedience. The lack of visibility tho, contained its effects. It was effective insofar, it made people aware of the government inaction, posing questions about how safe the public infrastructure really is.