White Noise Documentary Film Favorite 



Jun 20 2020


United States

"White Noise explores the seductive power of extremism. Hatred feels good. But the fix is fleeting. As the film progresses, the subjects reveal the contradictions at the heart of their world. Lauren Southern advocates for traditional gender roles, but resents the misogyny and sexism of her peers. Mike Cernovich warns that “diversity is white genocide,” but has an Iranian wife and biracial kids. Richard Spencer swears he’ll lead the white-nationalist revolution — until it’s more comfortable for him to move home to live with his wealthy mother in Montana"- Daniel Lombroso (Director)

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Timeframe For change

This film tells the story of the Alt-Right movement, which is a movement that is trying to create a long term effect. The film tells the story of three alt right activists yet the film is not necessarily favoring them.


If the goal of the director was to bring to light who these people are and their movement, he succeeded. In terms of criticizing the movement, although the movie doesn't favors it, it's up to the viewers to make that conclusion. I believe it was very effective in terms of awareness to who these people are, how big their movement is and how damaging it can be, not just nationally but also worldwide.