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Mar 20 2021


Chongqing, China

March 20, World Sleep Day is approaching, Chongqing Fuling wine town square placed 2 transparent sleep house, staff in the form of performance art to call on people to "put down the phone, sleep at ease". It is reported that the purpose of World Sleep Day is to make people pay attention to the importance of sleep and sleep quality, to remind people to pay attention to sleep health and quality.

March 21 is the 21st World Sleep Day. According to a survey by the China Sleep Research Association, the incidence of insomnia among Chinese adults is as high as 38.2%, and over 300 million people in China have sleep disorders. ...... Have you occasionally overdrawn your "sleep bank"?

There are various reasons for insomnia, but staying up late for a long time is likely to be detrimental to your health. Life is a long run, and sleep provides you with inexhaustible motivation.

Too much schoolwork? Tell your kids that the work is in the day-to-day and that efficiency is more important than fatigue tactics. Too much work? Remind yourself to get out of the "vicious cycle" of late nights. Can't stop yourself from watching TV shows and playing games? Put down your cell phone and computer, and find a better you after changing your bad habits. Have chronic insomnia due to illness? Brave to seek help from professional institutions and professionals.

Sleep well so that you and I can be motivated and physically and mentally healthy. The physical and mental health of you and me is also the foundation for a healthy family and society.

Looking back at the themes of previous sleep days, from "Let your child sleep an hour more" to "Sleep well, let your dreams fly", to the current "Healthy sleep, safe travel", reflecting the call for personal happiness, universal health and long-term development.

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