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Jan 1 2017


United States

Colorful portrait of a Muslim woman wearing an American flag colored head scarf. Image on back of a woman with a rose in her hair in black and white with text that states, "We are resilient. We are indivisible. We are greater than fear. We will defend dignity. We will protect each other." -- "The We the People campaign aims to restore hope, imagination, curiosity, and creativity into our country’s dialogue. Ridwan Adhami decided to photograph a Muslim woman wearing an American flag as a hijab for the five-year anniversary of 9/11. They stood at the site of the World Trade Center, capturing the iconic image, without knowing just how far it would eventually go. “I was a New Yorker, the subject Munira was a New Yorker, we are both Muslim, the city was ours, the nation was ours, the religion was ours,” he recalls. “There was no separating all those facts as many tried and still try to do.” More than a decade later, Adhami and Shepard Fairey reincarnated the image for Amplifier’s We the People campaign. As the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban continues to wage a war on Islamic faith, the artwork’s message will keep ringing loud and clear. There is no room for fear, only freedom." -- Amplifier website

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Timeframe For change

This poster was created by artist Shepard Fairey in response Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Former president Trump used hateful terms, and spread bigotry while discussing while referring to select groups of U.S. citizens. The goal of this art piece was to protest against him, and make it clear that "we the people" of the United States stand together


This picture is very similar to Fairey's "Hope" poster when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, as it was made to symbolize the future hope of the nation. This project gets a level 5 in effectiveness, because though it makes efforts for solidarity, its hard to measure "fear" on a scale. Some people may have still feared what was to come during after the inauguration, as they did not know what to expect.