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Jul 22 2021



The Violence Against Women (VAW) Art Map was conceptualized in the fall of 2018, in the wake of the #MeToo movement by Dr. Lauren Stetz, as part of her doctoral research in Art Education with a minor in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Penn State University. Inspired by the globality of the hashtag movement, Stetz became fascinated by its unique manifestations in different geographic locations, questioning how the universal language of hashtags interacts with complex histories of oppression. Drawing from transnational and intersectional feminisms, Stetz queries the nuances of violence across borders, boundaries, and identity.
The VAW Art Map illuminates connections between artists globally, highlighting themes such as vulnerability, shame and victim-blaming, and law and government. The goal of the website is to build an artist coalition in response to VAW, as well as to provide educational materials for art activism and prevention of VAW.

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This project identifies a collective of artists working to address violence against women (VAW) globally. The project highlights the cultural and political nuances of VAW using a publicly accessible online map. The goal is to continue to develop educational material utilizing the data visualization map, as well as expand artist outreach.


The project connected artists across global location and artistic media addressing violence agains women. Curricular materials utilizing data collected from artists interviews and their artworks continue to be developed.