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Sep 1 2017

"Under the Same Sky" bearing the name and the first part of my project completed. I collected the letters written to 40 Armenian young people from 40 random Turkish young people. The mutual translations of all letters and video subtitles were made. Letters and photographs are handed out to young people, friendships are being established.

Hrant Dink Foundation, Arts and Culture Laboratory & Art Commune, Yerevan Human Rights House, Gyumri Youth Initiative Center, Yerevan The Caucasus Research and Resource Center, some private schools and universities in Armenia have contributed to the first part of my work. The true heroes of this project will be young people.

In the second part of the project, there will be a book printing, video presentations, a website for the continuation of the correspondence in the virtual environment, the development and maintenance of relations with the youth organizations in Armenia. We will now organize peace workshops in both countries and bring young people together. In addition, if any fund is found, some Armenian youth are also scheduled to visit Izmir. 

Project book: http://t.ly/vqlbg
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