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Jul 1 1994



Zhang Huan is a very talented performance artist in China. In the famous work "Twelve Square Meters", he was covered with fish oil and honey sitting in a dirty public toilet in Beijing's East Village for an hour, not only making swarms of flies greedily surround him, but also People feel extremely uncomfortable and even nauseous. In fact, the artist emphasized the living conditions of some people at the bottom in an extremely exaggerated way.

"Twelve Square Meters" can be said to be a scene that makes viewers extremely uncomfortable and even disgusting. In the smelly rural public toilets, flies crawled all over Zhang Huan's head, arms, and legs... It was under such extreme conditions that Zhang Huan completed the experience of survival, body, and reality he wanted. "In this process, I tried my best to make myself forget the reality and let my spirit leave the body. Although I was pulled back to reality time and time again, only after the work was completed, I would know what I experienced..." Zhang Huan once said in an interview, describing his state at the time like this. This "alternative extreme" work shocked the society as soon as it came out and became the focus of public opinion at that time.

Lu Hong (Chinese pinter and artist) believes, "Through this work, the artist has replaced and rediscovered the harsh living environment of those inferior people, and has been able to express the pressure and trauma they have suffered in contact with society, thus revealing that people are at their limits. The special endurance of the situation."

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