Training in Dance and movement Psychotherapy as a tool for reconciliation Favorite 



Mar 27 2010



For over 60 years, Colombia has been facing war between guerrilla groups, the State, paramilitary groups and drug dealers. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, raped, displaced and threaten by this armed conflict. The common trait of this tragedy has been the people being in the middle, the people that still today pay the consequences.

Dunna is an organization that promotes the methodology "Dance and Movement Psychotherapy" and is being developing projects to help the most vulnerable communities heal their collective and individual trauma. Their stamp is the certainty of the body as the vehicle to produce suffering; as the receptacle of trauma and, simultaneously, as a path for healing and reconciliation. Through different interdisciplinary perspectives Dunna tries to affect the embodiment of pain, hatred and grief through out movement.

One of these projects is called "Training in Dance and movement Psychotherapy as a tool for reconciliation". It consist of multiple collective and individual exercise that were taught and transmitted to teachers and leaders of 5 of the most violent municipalities of Colombia (Sincelejo, Corinto, Palenque, Carmen de Bolivar, Orocue). During these workshops, participants were expected to dance, experience, sense, feel, move and reconnect themselves with their bodies and others bodies.

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