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Feb 27 2020



Blizzard Entertainnment an American gaming company that has created some of the world's most beloved games has permantly banned Blitzchung, a professional Hearthstone player from Hong Kong who shouted after a livestreamed game, "Liberate Hong Kong! The revolution of our age!" After the professional player shouted that out, Blizzard banned the pro gamer from playing Hearthstone for a year and reclaimed his prize money from the tournament. After Blitzchung protested against this, other gamers Googled how severely other gamers had been punished for a violation of Blizzards rules. One of Blizzards rules was that it prohibits players from any act that "brings them into public disreupute, offends a portion or a group of the public or otherwise damages (the company's image). After further research, there were stories of how in 2018 Blizzard had fined one Overwatch player $1000 for account sharing and another played who had thrown professional games was suspended for 5 games. However, the scale in which the punishments varied between Blitzchung and these other professional players was immense. Although Blizzard was very pro LGBTQ with their being LGBTQ characters in multiple games, once their was money involved as China as one can assume played a huge perecentage of their player base, a ban was instantly issued.
It was apparent that Blizzard had banned Blitzchung in an attempt to appease the CHinese government was Twitter went crazy with anti-Blizzard takes with #Boycott Blizzard trending all over the internet. A former World of Warcraft developer, Mark Kern stated, "I made this game with the team. I am opposed to Blizzard's fear of China and its silencing of Blitzchung. I am calling on Blizzard to stand up for what is right." The tweet got over 30,000 likes.

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