Taxi Drivers vs Ride Sharing Services Favorite 



Dec 20 2018


Seoul South Korea

Tens of thousands of taxi drivers in South Korea rallied to the streets after the introduction of a new ride sharing app was revealed to be released in South Korea. The rallies first began after a taxi driver set himself on fire in protest against a new ride-sharing app. The ride sharing app planned to introduce a carpooling service Kakao mobility which is a unit of the popular messenger operator Kakao corp. The protesters rallied in front of the city hall in Gwanghwamun and wore black headbands and ribbons to mourn their fellow 57 year old driver. Many taxi drivers said that if the app would be released and implemented in daily use by the citizens of South Korea, their income would shrink in half. Taxi drivers are already estimated to make just about minimum wage and many fear that they would be unable to survive if the app was used by the general populace.

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