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Apr 12 2017


Skopje, Macedonia

Anonymous urban artists set up art installations, large nest eggs, at several locations in Skopje, wanting to alarm the growing number of trees in the city.

In the nest read a message "You cut all the trees, where do we make nests? Birds".

They hoped to point out that in eight years the urban greenery has been reduced by 40%, which affects the increase of pollution, the destruction of the ambient values, and the overall biodiversity in the city.

"By destroying old and grown trees in the city, not only are the long-standing existing nests of birds destroyed, but they often do not have a place for nesting. According to data from environmental associations, a large number of birds, such as monkeys, songwriters, woodpeckers, birds and similar noble birds, are in the city's pre-eminence due to the destruction of their natural environment, "the artists say.

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