A Straight Journey: days and nights in their kingdom Favorite 



Apr 23 2015



A Straight Journey is a documentary of Chinese homosexual people. It is the first time for Chinese gays and lesbians to make their debut and speak out via one of the largest Chinese Internet service providers. Two Chinese photographers Masa and Mojo took a journey across 11 China's cities making portraits of 48 gays, lesbians and their families from 2014-2015. The backgrounds of these homosexual people are various in terms of age, origin of place, social economy statue and occupation. The eldest couple in the documentary are at age of almost 60 and the youngest one is born in 1996. The interviewees include a student of a music college as well as a gay who was once in jail. The film also gets access to a cross-national gay couple, one of whom is Chinese and the other is from France.

Homosexual consists of around 3% of the population. There could be at least 40 million homosexual population in China. However, Chinese society generally considers gays and lesbians unacceptable, and the rights of Chinese LGBT people cannot be satisfied under the traditional social system based on prevalent heterosexuality.By stepping into the living situations of homosexual people, this documentary aims to tell Chinese audience that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. They deserve more understanding and respect. Until the time of this posting, more than 39 thousand online users have commented to the film. The most popular remark is to express understanding but concerns of an immoral fashion of homosexual cultural, which would harm instead benefit the whole society.

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