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Aug 30 2019


Beijing China

A street photography exhibition located in Beijing’s most crowded tourist attractions, Dongsi Hutong, to get a voice the Chinese government’s censorship of art works in public space. To hedge the city’s regulation , the human body photography were displayed in the street stores of Dongsi Hutong.

The year 2019 was the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China. During this year, Beijing, the capital of China, was under the rigorous censorship for any kind of literary/art works. No works out of patriotic narratives can be displayed in public space. Some art places were even asked to shut down mandatory during the celebration month. Hutong is typical traditional neighborhood in Beijing dating back to Chinese Feudal dynasty. Dongsi Hutong located in the center of Beijing, which also close to the Tiananmen Square, the politic center of China. It is the junction of historic and contemporary politic center, of Beijing Aborigines and new immigrants, and of the traditional and modern lifestyle.

Shh is a small practice to decolonize the center-voice.The practice itself against the single voice in Beijing. As a kind of street art, it brought art from galleries into people’s daily life, and narrowed the distance between art and individuals. Also, it offered people a new way to create art under the official government's regulation.

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