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Aug 23 2012



In early July 2012, after the Chinese college entrance examination results were announced, the media found that many colleges and universities had gender bias on the admitted scores, and the maximum difference between men and women was up to 40 points. This finding aroused widespread concern and dissatisfaction from the public. More than 20 lawyers from different provinces have issued a joint statement announcing that they will provide compulsory legal aid for female candidates who have lost equal access to education due to gender bias in the college entrance examination and assist them in anti-sex discrimination litigation.

Feminist Lu Pin and public interest lawyer Huang Yizhi appeal to the Ministry of Education for information disclosure, asking the Ministry of Education which majors are admitted to restrict the admission ratio of male and female students, and the Ministry of Education responded that some special majors "based on national interests" can restrict the recruitment of girls.

Therefore, on August 23, four feminist activists, Xiao Meili, Liang Xiaomen, Li Maizi, and Ouyang Le, shaved their hair under the Guangzhou Venta to express their concerns about the recent gender bias issue of the different admitted grades between male and female students. And they sent a collective letter to the Ministry of Education, calling for a solution to the problem of gender discrimination in the Universities admission as soon as possible. The action they shaved off their hair that widely symbolizes femininity to express their dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Education's response. They believe that the Ministry of Education's response is equal to "zero", and hope that the Ministry of Education can further "show" which special professions must raise the admission standards and basis for girls.

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