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May 1 2007



"The Scream: 21st Century Edition" was created by New York-based artist Jim Costanzo in response to the Iraq War. The piece is directly inspired by Edward Munch's painting, "The Scream." Costanzo expresses anger and frustration at the illegal American war and the attack on our civil liberties.

The short is presented as part of a collection of anti-war shorts, inspired by similar efforts from the Vietnam War Era. The collection, "A CINEMA FOR PEACE! FOR LIFE, AGAINGST THE WAR … AGAIN!," contains 25 short films by individual artists of the Film-Makers Cooperative

The Village Voice reviewed a screening of the collection of shorts, commenting specifically that, "sometimes the crudest are actually the most effective: Witness Jim Costanzo's "The Scream: 21st Century Edition", which blue-screens the artist yelling in pain over news footage of Bush speeches and Baghdad shock-and-awe. Three decades from now, when future media archivists try to understand what it was like for sane Americans to experience the war, Costanzo's video will remain an effective and emotional artifact."

View the full video below:

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